• New York Yankees (11)

  • New York Mets (11)

  • Miami Marlins (8)

  • Boston Red Sox (6)

  • Cincinnati Reds (5)

  • Milwaukee Brewers (3)

  • Baltimore Orioles (3)

  • Kansas City Royals (2)

  • Pittsburgh Pirates (2)

  • Houston Astros (2)

  • Oakland Athletics (2)

  • Cleveland Indians (2)

  • Texas Rangers (2)

  • Tampa Bay Rays (2)

  • Chicago Cubs (2)

  • Arizona Diamondbacks (2)

  • St. Louis Cardinals (1)

  • San Francisco Giants (1)

  • Chicago White Sox (1)

  • Seattle Mariners (1)

  • Minnesota Twins (1)

  • Colorado Rockies (1)

  • Atlanta Braves (1)

Who's ready to bet big on Bryce Harper or Manny Machado? Which teams are looking to wheel and deal? We tell you what might go down in the desert.


The Indians head to the winter meetings ready to shop a starting pitcher, but one veteran found a way to take himself off the block.


Other teams might seem more likely to land Bryce Harper, but he wouldn't be the first Boras client to shop around before re-signing with his original club.


In trying to figure out what kind of megadeals could be struck at the winter meetings, we look back at the history of big-money free-agent contracts.


While some clubs will spend big money in Vegas, others are watching for when they can sign key players without busting their budgets.


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