Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Earn Points?

Points are based on your normal daily activity as a fan. Reading articles, posting comments, Checking into stadiums, Checking into Restaurants. Buying clothes that represent the team. Sending your comments to your social networking accounts. Being a fan is more than just game day and we are registering it all.

Once I Pick A Team Is It Permanent?

Yes and No. You can change teams if you desire on the Fans tab found on the toolbar. Just be prepared to because if you switch teams you will be placed on Probation for a certain time period. While on probation you earn less points and rewards then other fans for the same team. This is to discourage band wagoners and to help decide who the real fans are.

I posted a comment but didn't earn any points?

2 Reasons:

Each sport has a designated time alloted for each time frame a user can earn points through comments. Once you submit the first comment the timer starts and with each additional comment a percentage of the points is deducted. This is to make sure users are not abusing the point system and putting non-informative comments. Most comment time frames resets every 30 minutes.

The comment section is not worth any points.

When I clicked on an article it didn't register the points to my profile?

2 Reasons:

The article is not registered to one of your teams which means you will not earn points.

You already received points from clicking on the article earlier.

What is the difference between Global and Team Comment Sections?

Global - These sections are for mostly all team fan bases. You are elibigle to talk and comment to everybody

Team - These sections are for teams only registered to the Comment Section. This will keep all the hecklers out while the True fans of the team can comment without outside noise. You can also switch over to Global and see what the outside hecklers are currently saying.

Where can I find the contests?

Contests are currently being announced on our Social Media accounts and are run manually. We are updating our system weekly and are currently working on the rewards and contests. The platform for all the contests will soon be available. Follow out accounts for the latest contests information and updates.

What Do the Rankings represent?

Sport Rankings - Your ranking inside the entire sport based on your Point total.

Team Rankings - Your ranking inside the fan base based on your Point total.

Overall Ranking -This is your ranking for the overall site based on all the users registered and their Point total.

Still having problems you can reach us at the following email:

Please allow 24 hours for a response.

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