I grew up in New York and like most New Yorkers I am a diehard sports fan. We have all been through our highs and lows with our sports teams. As much as it hurts seeing our teams lose, being a Fan and showing our support is what it's all about.

I moved to Florida in 2004 for college and although I left my family and friends back home, my loyalty and passion stayed true to my teams. I found myself watching more games and reading more articles then I did while in New York. I’ve come across many people that have experienced the same situation. We all try to root and show our team pride every chance we get.

Being a fan is more than just talking about your team, it’s about representing your team where ever you go. Unfortunately, relocation will take us away from the fan base. What if there was a place where you can express your loyalty no matter where you are? What if you were a true fan and the world knew it? What if you were rewarded for your loyalty and pride?

Let the true Fans Unleash and find out….

Where do you Rank?

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